I have used a spotter a couple of times with no problem. When someone is using the platform others know to stay off, which is good for organization and avoidance of injury. 5. Plans for an outdoor lifting platform advice needed. I have looked through YouTube and seen the cool lifting platform videos, but my local prices are not as user friendly as the videos suggest. Use stakes or marking paint to outline the platform. This DIY Belt Squat Machine requires no special skills and costs well under any other available options. I think it will hold up just fine if it's reconditioned at least once a year and the basement is properly done. Our commercial-grade weight lifting racks include our own PB Extreme equipment: the Half Rack, Power Rack, and Victory Rack. Made for Australian lifters – RAWs Weightlifting Platform – 1.5m is the go-to for athlete’s to perform heavy explosive power exercises. Out of Stock. Outdoor lifting platform Hi team, I am looking to make a quick and inexpensive outdoor lifting platform/surface for snatches and clean and jerks mainly. In steps the DIY Outdoor Weightlifting Platform and Rack. See more of Weightlifting Platform on Facebook. 2 months ago. Latissimus65 September 20, 2013 at 5:48 am. You need a bombproof weightlifting platform. or. Located in Scarborough, Band of Barbells is a gym like no other. or. Drill 1/2" holes for the lag screws and 3/4" holes for the bolts. DAY Wheelchair Lifts. In any case, I consider it to have been well worth the time, cost, and effort it took to build. Rubber-Cal Shark Tooth Heavy Duty Mat. My personal thought is that you could paint it with an epoxy coating with grit in it to provide traction, but any coating that will protect the plywood will extend the life of the station overall.My other suggestion is that you install something at the top of each post to protect the endgrain. How to Build a Weightlifting Platform. Level each block as you go. You want the pins a little lower than where the bar sits on your shoulder for squats. About 100 years ago, I posted an article about how to build a lifting platform on a slope. Mark off the locations of each deck pier. Rogue 8’ x 8’ Oly Platform Black. Materials. Made in the USA with 2x2" 11-gauge steel, the platform's frame bolts together easily with gusseted corners. Tall Metal Pulling Blocks. Once the lumber has dried out and absorbs water it can be sealed. Did you make this project? 2 months ago This is an awesome platform for those who want to train outside. The latest news, events and results for USA Weightlifting from the USOC official site. See more ideas about weightlifting platform, diy home gym, home gym garage. About $10 at Walmart per can. (4) 4′ x 8′ pieces of 5/8”-thick OSB/particle board. Cut your conduit into 1" sections for each racking pin and 6" sections for the safety bar. Here's how to make your own DIY Climbing Pegboard. The climbing pegboard has become popular ever since introduced by Dave Castro at the CrossFit Games. 2 - 3/8” x 6” galvanized carriage bolts. I chose Cabot because of how well it did on moisture protection in The Great Stain Shootout We brushed the sealer on the posts and used a lambswool stain pad for the floor. I plan to seal the plywood once it has dried out and expect to have to replace the plywood eventually. What you need to build an Olympic weightlifting platform . 2- 3/8" galvanized nuts . (Optional) Using the roll of foam, roll out strips to help reduce noise and level out the platform. Best Seller in Strength Training Back Machines. Reply. Where It All Began. Essentials: 3 boards of wood (4’x8′) Try to find wood that doesn’t have too many chips or dents. 2 months ago. Here is an extremely helpful video you can watch for building your own weightlifting platform. 8’x8’ is a common size to build a DIY platform. Find your outdoor lifting platform easily amongst the 126 products from the leading brands (VIMEC, Etna, Otis, ...) on ArchiExpo, the architecture and design specialist for your professional purchases. SuperMats High Density Commercial Grade Solid Equipment Mat 24GS Made in U.S.A. for Home Gyms CrossFit Training Flooring Weight Benches, Weightlifting Equipment and General Flooring and Equipment Mat Needs (4 Feet x 6 Feet) (48" x 72") (121.9 cm x 182.9 cm) Superb Quality. Choose an area that has enough space for the platform which will be 8' x 8' once assembled to be flipped several times. The thickness of the wood is up to you, just be cautious that your rubber matting will have to match this thickness. Drill a 1/2" hole through the posts and pipe and secure with a 3/8" bolt, washer, and nut. Just hand tighten the nuts so you can remove it if needed. It’s easy to get your new weight lifting platforms to fit your rack. If you’re a fan of the Olympic lifts (and who isn’t) you need a lifting platform. I used 100lbs of fast set concrete per post and let it set overnight. This is a handyman’s project and a little too complex to detail here. There again, even pressure treated wood rots. I just finish poring the concrete tonight. Enjoy this weekend project. I don't see enough safe surface at the rear to accommodate a spotter. I was scanning Reddit the other day and saw an awesome tutorial for an outdoor weightlifting platform and squat rack.. Secure the bolt with another washer and nut. My back yard has a 10” slope over 8’ so I dug the first row of deck piers 5” deep and built up the back row 5”. HELP: outdoor weightlifting platform making to much noise! Take your Valor Fitness BD-58 Half Rack to the next level with the Valor Fitness PTFM-58 Weightlifting Platform. Place the first set of plywood boards on a solid, flat surface. Use the same method to notch the mats around your posts. Clear and level a space a little larger than your platform. Get this over with right away because it's the most heinous part. For more detailed info on how to do this see here. Make sure that the boards are laid next to each other with the long part of the boards butted up. Supplies: 1 - 1-3/8-in woodboring tri-flute drill bit. I cut 2' off the second mat short ways then cut that in half again which left me two 2' x 2' squares a 4' x 4' remnant.