Please tell me you can understand this pun, no one seems to ;u; Household objects, before and after. This course introduced… Read More. I absolutely love your work ! hello I know this post is kind of old but however i noticed you added gestures in your portfolio. Being one of the pioneers of Modernist and Post-Impressionist styles of painting in Canada, she was not recognized until late in her life. to log in and edit your portfolio as much as you like; however, please note that once you have submitted it, you will no longer be able to make changes. I want to get to Emily Carr this year so I applied for it. I'm from Hong Kong btw. I'm still having trouble deciding which course I want to apply for as well as finishing up my portfolio haha. I am currently enrolled in Emily Carr. I'm sure if you know your fundamentals well and show hard work and creativity that they will accept you. These all got perfect scores! As a graduate applicant you must apply online using the EducationPlannerBC Application Service. One is above in the post and the second is a car done in a similar style. I just submitted pictures, but if you are doing sculptures I think adding the idea sketches is a good idea. This is just a rough idea of what can get you into the programs with relatively high scores. Why a … Where should I go? Hey Katie,I was wondering if you had some more industrial design examples for OCAD university?Thank YOuNikki. I only had two. Emily Carr is considered to be a major Canadian artist for her depiction of the landscapes of Pacific Northwest and its aboriginal culture. AIGA WorldStudio Scholarships . The applicant has to submit a pre-recorded video response to the university’s questions. Example Portfolio for OCAD and Emily Carr (Accepted) These are a few examples of the work I put in my portfolios for OCAD and Emily Carr. Hi Katie,I am applying for Ocad, don't know how to write creative profile, could you please send me a sample?ThanksKathy, Hello Kathy!It's been so long I'm not sure what this creative profile is...feel free to email me at with the requirements of the creative statement and I can see if I still have it in my hard drive. Hi Katie!I really want to apply in Emily Carr, and I'm in the process of preparing my portfolio for Emily Carr communication design. :/ Can I send you some of my work for you to look over and give me advice? Otherwise, I think its great~ Good luck on your application! Hi! They want to see a good basic application of art fundamentals for first year. I am sure you will find better examples out there since they were very average anyways (rushing is not good!). Student Groups. Two seems to be enough for the portfolio but feel free to use however many you'd like! Hi there! Those are usually what art programs like to peg, unless its something like fashion where creativity is the most important, but I think you have that part down. Thank you so much! Yes, go ahead and send to my email jinniexy@gmail.comThough, if you have already submitted I would say don't worry about the results since it is out of your control, but there is always room for improvement : ). If you would like to you can also email me at or link me to your portfolio and I can give you some feedback ^^. Hi. Portfolio: consists of 18 to 20 examples of visual projects. Just wanted to start off by saying that I appreciate that you're still helping others even if it's been a while since you yourself applied for university, it's very nice of you! I drew my friend while she was playing a cellphone game in the cafeteria. Anyway, i was planning on applying for particularly Emily Carr's industrial design program but also OCAD next year. Really cool! Even CS-degreed UX or dataviz professionals are woefully underpaid compared to (what? Sheridan seems doesn't accept any traditional artwork such as oil panting etc, but emily carr doesShould I hand in the same works as I do for Sheridan?I mean without tranditional artwork?Thank you! This actually took a lot of thought, since it has to be creative for the higher grades. At Emily Carr I learned drawing through a course called Rapid Visualization. edited 10 years ago. Hi there! Hey Katie! Finally, the room line drawings. My cousin in his room. Learn more about the National Portfolio Day Association on their website. I'm trying to apply to Emily Car myself. Emily Carr (* 13. 5 Tips For Creating a Killer Graduate School Portfolio: 1. Wish me luck.Bye Katie. Anyways, thanks again, this is all so helpful! Hello Nikki!I only used two industrial designs in my portfolio for OCAD. I was wondering which program you applied to at OCAD with this portfolio. About the Profession. Tanoo, another painting inspired by work gathered on this trip, depicts three totems before house fronts at the village of the same name. Do you mean for Emily Carr? Example Portfolio for OCAD and Emily Carr (Accepted), Portfolio for Sheridan Illustration (Accepted). Hi Daniel! Design. Good luck! Design Jobs. No appointment necessary. K-12 Lesson Plans. Lawrence built his art portfolio around the subjects he most wanted to engage with while studying at Emily Carr. Choosing a School. This is one of the works used specifically for OCAD's industrial design. Portfolio Festival. Find an in-depth biography, exhibitions, original artworks for sale, the latest news, and sold auction prices. Find Your Chapter. As soon as you receive this message I will have updated this post with one of the pieces used specifically for OCAD. I took general art classes where I learned how to draw still life, but you can learn all those fundamentals by yourself if you want to. I don't know what and how to impress the professors through the artworks in my portfolio.