In Arkham, she wore an orange prison suit just like Harley. Continue Reading Below. The story takes place after the “Heroes in Crisis” crossover that ran from September 2018 – May 2019 an in which Poison Ivy apparently died. 2 wins (100%) Scarlet Witch Wanda Maximoff: 3 M: Harley Quinn … "I've been pushing a Poison Ivy reunion for a long time," Robbie said in an interview earlier this year. Kite Man eventually agreed, so the wedding began, and Ivy even invited Harley to attend as a bridesmaid. Harley decided to break into the Gotham police station to get Clayface's arm back, but Ivy and Doctor Psycho both decided to stay behind and hunt down The Cowled Critic to get revenge. He also said he cared about "dat ass", and she begrudgingly admitted that she did like him "against all logic and reason", having even had sex with him before. Ivy proposes to Harley, suggesting that the two of them can forge their own path together. She then fought Harley at Doctor Psycho's command, getting Harley in a strangle hold as she tried to crush her windpipe. The two villains began their beautiful friendship on a 1993 episode of "Batman: The Animated Series." Harley then joined Ivy atop the truck and began to badger Ivy for an answer about why Harley was Ivy's biggest fear. Freeze readily agreeing to the procedure. Ivy flying with Kite Man over Gotham City Park. High quality Poison Ivy Harley Quinn gifts and merchandise. Ivy congratulated Harley but intended not to go with her, until Harley guilt-tripped Ivy into coming along. He tries to propose again, which Ivy wants to back out of once more. I guess- I guess it seemed easier for me to just go along with it, you know? Giganta referred to Ivy as "that jolly green whore" and claimed not to have made the review, at which point Doctor Psycho's sun Herman Cizko entered the room. In response to the eviction, Ivy and Harley sought out new lairs for themselves, only for Harley to reject them all due to not knowing what exactly she wanted. After gathering her crew and successfully robbing Maxie Zeus, Ivy was excited for Harley and proud that she managed to get a highway named after herself. Ivy tried to persuade Gus that they had "built a rapport", so Gus decided to help her by texting Harley back to break off their friendship, sending an insulting text message to Harley. Age He read some of them to her, and Ivy agreed with Harley and Gus that she's "not a kitten heel person". What do you think of Harley and Ivy getting married in the pages of Injustice: Year Zero? After Joker War, Harley Quinn's redemption has come full-circle and she's officially in the Bat-family too. She then animated the plant and sent it to Frank to get help. She reminded Harley that she was a "genius psychiatrist" and convinced her to diagnose herself, and after talking to a hallucination of Doctor Quinzel, Harley diagnosed herself as a "classic abusive codependency". Harley arrived back at Ivy's house certain that she needed a crew, and Ivy attempted to dissuade her from getting one by pointing out that Doctor Psycho could take on Wonder Woman singlehandedly. 52 members in the PoisonIvyKisses community. Freeze, with Mr. She then told Harley to leave. When they faced opposition from the Condiment King, Ivy again assured him that they could have their wedding wherever, but he refused to yield. Ivy was bemused by Harley's tidiness with managing the bachelorette party, although she was uncomfortable when Harley hugged her for too long and even creepily sniffed her hair. Ivy countered Scarecrow while Kite Man reluctantly fought Bane and Harley attacked Two-Face. Ivy was skeptical, but went along. However, she took the moment to admit her faults to Ivy and to promise to change her ways, at which point she shot the rocket at her own statue, knocking the head onto the track and crashing the final truck. It turns out Herman was The Cowled Critic, so Doctor Psycho mended their broken relationship with mutual hate that that Ivy thought was "so fucked up, but weirdly really moving", so she went to "go find Brad". The barrage of texts continued while she was in Bensonhurst visiting her parents, which Gus took notice of. Harley Quinn Poison Ivy GIF SD GIF HD GIF MP4SD GIF HD GIF MP4. Ivy talks briefly with Harley before they have to flee again. She normally prefers plants to people, but she has a soft spot for Harley and tries to reign in some of her more manic excesses. Ivy awoke while she was being wheeled in for surgery, and when they undid her restraints she immediately killed both of her guards with a knife and strangulation respectively. Superman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, and the Green Lantern made short work of the mutated trees but presumed Ivy and Harley's crew to be at fault, given that Ivy controls plants. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy was a limited series, published by DC Comics. You know, you deserve everything.". Catwoman suggests she "reevaluate", and although Ivy refuses, she continues to doubt until Kite Man shows up. All rights reserved. As her doctor, Harley helped her deal with her misanthropy, and later when she saw Harley being abused by the Joker, Ivy took it upon herself to help Harley out of a bad situation. Ivy then drew some plants about themselves and used them to escape the collapsing tower, running to a relatively safe skyscraper as the rest of the city collapsed into ruin around them. Poison Ivy was acidic and hateful to Harleen but helped her accidentally, which Harleen appreciated, giving her a flower in return. Harley then watched TV and became enraged when her heist was ignored, and promptly destroyed that as well - Ivy's ninth TV in two weeks. They went in together to win over the manager, but Ivy soon had to leave to assist Harley at Mr. "I hate that I hurt you. Instead, she used Sy's phone to call for help from Kite Man, although Harley it thought strange that she would have his number memorized. She insisted that having no notoriety was actually a good thing so that they wouldn't face pressure from the authorities or Justice League, but Harley insisted on getting a "nemesis" to increase they popularity. When he ended up calling Wonder Woman "the c-word", Harley retorted that a crew would have let him know to use "the b-word" instead, and left Ivy's apartment to pursue a crew. Clayface spoke a eulogy for her from Star Trek, Kite Man claimed Ivy was his fiancée, Frank made sure her PhD status was marked on her tombstone, Sy Borgman dug the grave, and Doctor Psycho placed her inside it and filled it in. Ivy thought on Harley's proposal until their plane landed back in new New Gotham, whereupon she told Harley her decision: that while she can trust Harley with her life, she cannot trust Harley with her heart. Doctor Psycho caught Harley, who was shocked that Ivy would date Kite Man, and Ivy admitted that she did love Kite Man "a little". Harley used Ivy's advice and decided to seek out people who no one else believed in to comprise her crew, namely Doctor Psycho, who once again used "the c-word" and became "the least employable person on earth", in Ivy's words. Backpedaling, Ivy assured him that Harley just needed to reschedule, but Frank was certain that Harley had "changed". Harley and Ivy's nuptuials were hinted at previously in the Injustice canon, particularly during the wedding of Killer Croc and Orca in Injustice 2 #70. Seeing this, Harley jumped in deliberately and was caught by Ivy's plants, at which point both of them rose above the catwalk to confront the Joker. Once there, Batman stole Harley away from her, Superman destroyed her plants, and Wonder Woman captured her, ending the battle. When Harley explained her plan to kill Eris and save Themyscira for the Amazons, Ivy was pleased and could wait to help defend the environment. Harley Quinn gets out of Arkham Asylum on probation. Self-assured, she went to Kite Man, apologized, and had him propose a third and final time - this time she said yes. Her hatred for humanity stems from her childhood, stating she gave up on humans the first day her father hit her. The Joker then used his own explosive to drop studio equipment on Batman, at which point he kidnapped Robin and fled, forcing Batman to chase after him and abandon Harley and Ivy. Harley used a lull in the fight to convince the Legion members to defect from the Joker, so he drew his own gun to kill her, but Ivy stood in his way. As seen in "All the Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues", Ivy eventually ended up in the Arkham Asylum for her crimes, frequently fighting with the guards whenever live plants were accidentally presented to her (such as when the cafeteria accidentally bought live lettuce). Ivy is a slender woman with green skin, green eyes and green lips — all of her outfits also heavily favor green. She then found herself surrounded by several kids, Kite Man having stolen Ivy's distilled pheromones and gave it to them. (92) 92 reviews. Ivy used her vines to fight through goons and keep them moving, but when Doctor Psycho launched Harley's block of ice at several goons blocking their way, The Penguin seals the door and separates her from Harley. She usually wears a green jacket and a white shirt underneath it, with green tights and black high heels. This weighed down his kite and forced him rapidly downward, so Clayface launched himself to the ground where he reformed into a ramp to catch everyone else, allowing Kite Man to land gently with Ivy. Ivy suggested questioning Harley to find out, but it caused Harley to panic and freeze in place, requiring Doctor Psycho's assistance to fix her. Before Harley could respond, Aquaman burst into the party to reclaim the Atlantean jewels that Harley and Ivy stole. She ended up in a lower-class apartment building to meet Kite Man, using her attire to assure her anonymity. At Frank's insistence, Ivy claimed that she wouldn't team up due to a "glass ceiling" for female supervillains, citing Queen of Fables getting imprisoned inside the United States Tax Code by the Justice League when she became too powerful. But when Poison Ivy is resurrected, Harley decides to take care of her best friend, who has evolved into a creature as much flora as fauna. He then made a dramatic scene and revealed her name, immediately getting them their table, but he stormed out anyway. Aliases Yeah, I said, fuck you. Harley, Doctor Psycho, and the rest of her crew managed to enter Ivy's mind and correct the imbalance caused by the fear toxin, and in the process they learned that Harley was Ivy's greatest fear. Ivy promptly panicked and fled the room, trying to get off the island, but there was no transportation out until the weekend was over, so she simply barricaded herself in her room to wait it out. There, Kite Man came before her and kissed her in an attempt to break Doctor Psycho's spell, but it had no effect, so Ivy simply punched him unconscious. In that issue, Ivy admitted that marriage wasn't initially in her plans, but that "there was this Elvis impersonator when Harley and I went to Vegas." She positioned herself at the vat of chemicals where the Joker intended to throw Harley to wipe her memory, and enshrouded the vat in her vines. What she was able to do was get him the reservation at the Old Gotham Corn Factory that he wanted so badly, having Frank the Plant kill Condiment King and his fiancée, Becca, for the spot. Doctor Psycho claimed it was because she was Ivy's only friend, to which she retorted that it was "by design, because she's the only human being I think is worth a shit". This makes Ivy uneasy. Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Harley Quinn (Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel) is a fictional character appearing in media published by DC Entertainment.Created by Paul Dini and Bruce Timm to serve as a new supervillainess and a romantic interest for the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series on September 11, 1992, she was later adapted into DC Comics' Batman comic book canon, beginning with The Batman Adventures #12 (September 1993). When they got close, Ivy jumped off of Sy and onto one of the trucks, using a strand of plants to kill the drivers and take over the vehicle. She gets stressed as Kite Man clumsily yet emphatically tries to express his devotion to her, more focused on the trap about to crush them all. Kite Man was surprisingly understanding, saying that having a superpower like controlling all plant-life or having a kite gives one "so much you gotta live up to". However, when it seems that the Condiment King will get the venue, he did prepare to yield, so Ivy perked him up and supported him. — Poison Ivy. You know what? Ivy lounged in their new lair at the Gotham Mall until Harley's Crew arrived with King Tut's desiccated corpse, which Ivy had originally planned to see that weekend. However, Kite Man could see the lay of the land and bluntly told her not to marry him if her heart wasn't in it, but she insisted that she did want to marry him (although she couldn't name a metal album that he'd like). With other supervillains able to get a table immediately by simply dropping their name, Kite Man asked Poison Ivy to do the same, only for her to vehemently refuse. When Harley ended up getting stuck with Robin as a nemesis, Ivy took it in good humor up until she insisted on kidnapping Lois Lane in order to get Superman as her nemesis, again aggravating Ivy. Poison Ivy loves Harley with everything she has and she wants Harley to see it. However, Ivy won't let her friend die, so she jumps back into The Pit with stronger vines and arrests Harley's fall at the last instant, launching them both out of The Pit. Eventually Barbara Gordon arrived and released them, allowing them to overpower and capture the Riddler, forcing him to run on his own hamster wheel to power the Gotham Mall. When the Joker insulted Harley's "cheap dye job" and Harley became offended, Ivy pointed out that she'd "seen you neck deep in six different bottles of that bullshit you buy at the drug store". Ivy's argument with Harley Quinn in the Gotham Mall. In the aftermath, Harley wanted to express her feelings, but Ivy wanted to write her own feelings off as nonexistent. Ivy confronted Sy until Harley declared that the mall they were in would be a perfectly suitable lair, and struck a deal with Sy to have him join their crew. Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy are taking their show on the road in this new miniseries! Ivy has a sarcastic, bitter, misanthropic personality, although she is quite affectionate and understanding when it comes to the very few people she considers her friends. Bringing Harley back to her apartment, Ivy set about restoring her dying plants and learned that Frank the Plant ate the boy she paid to water them, along with his parents. Ive (by Harley Quinn)RedIzziadora Staplebuntkin (in Riddler University) Ivy lounged in the pitch darkness of the Gotham Mall until Harley decided to steal electricity from Riddler University. Later, Harley is kidnapped by the Injustice League and Poison Ivy is forced to work together with the rest of Harley's crew to save her, failing repeatedly over the course of two months. Ivy passed out with the rest of Harley's Crew. It collects all six issues of the 2019–2020 limited series. Angered by delays, the Joker just said to "put a pin in this" and departed, allowing Ivy and Harley to leave unhindered. This comes as Harley and Ivy's relationship has been expanded upon in other mediums, as the pair confirmed their romantic feelings in the Harley Quinn animated series earlier this year. When Harley ascended to the DC Comics continuity proper in Paul Dini’s BATMAN: HARLEY QUINN #1, the Batman event NO MAN’S LAND was well underway and Harley had been cast aside by the Joker. Harley then rushed to Ivy's defense and was quickly defeated, and Aquaman nearly Ivy with his trident, but Harley managed to taunt him into throwing it at her instead. But then, we see a little sign – if only a small one – that Ivy appreciates their relationship just as much as Quinn. At that moment Harley finally arrived reiterating her lie that she was wrapped up with Legion business, but Ivy stared angrily at Harley and complained about being ditched for the Joker, saying that she thought Harley was "better than that". You know, I mean I hate it, but I can do it without vomiting. Everyone then entered Harley's mind, and Ivy found Harley herself there. Surprisingly, the Joker chose to save Batman, and Harley was dropped into a pool of "acid". Later, Ivy got news about King Shark having his fin blown off in a botched assassination attempt by Bane. I've been denying a lot of myself for a long time. Harley then went off to break up with the Joker, with Ivy standing by to assist if needed, but Harley ended up needing no help so Ivy simply offered to get her some Thai food. Realizing the problem, Harley finally agreed with Ivy's suggestions to break off her relationship with the Joker. Annoyed, she waded into the fight and defeated Eris, freeing Queen Hippolyta, who promptly threw a massive party for them all. Despondent, Ivy spoke earnestly to the crowd about her botched plan and how she was living in an "emotional pit" for so long, cut off from her feelings. Harley then arrived to ask why Ivy was even talking to Kite Man, at which point Ivy became defensive and claimed that he "outclasses any of these idiots", comparing the Legion of Doom to a "boys club" or "frat". I have done everything in my power to keep you away from that ass clown because I truly believe that you deserve better. She was frequently propositioned to join the Legion of Doom for her successes, but she rejected their invitations 148 times. Everyone then returned to Ivy's apartment, where Harley's crew began cleaning it up and Ivy herself assured Harley that she would get a nemesis. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. Poison Ivy Since Batman: The Animated Series, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy have been close. However, Harley reformed herself and eventually won back Ivy's friendship and eventual love later on. Ivy was then handcuffed together with Kite Man, but Harley managed to get them both out of the venue to (relative) under cover just outside. Ivy's relationship with Harley began when Harley was working as a doctor at Arkham Asylum where Ivy was incarcerated. Right" 2.1.4 "The Line" 2.1.5 "L.O.D.R.S.V.P." Ivy said he just sells marijuana and made to leave, at which point Frank discerned that Harley "stood yo ass up". She slowly managed to get Harley to realize how toxic her relationship with the Joker was, and protected her at any cost, but Harley relapsed several times which deeply, and eventually caused a rift in their friendship. They then emerged, offering to have dinner with Ivy again and to handle the reservations themselves, so that Kite Man need not cloud his mind with "simple tasks". Later, Harley returns to her and Ivy's suite, and finds Ivy in a green wedding dress, with Harley's, daughter Lucy, her sister Delia, and an Elvis impersonator. That truck fell and exploded, and one of the final two trucks pushed Ivy's off the road, forcing her to jump onto it. She then captured Doctor Psycho with vines while Harley smashed his helmet into uselessness. Harley, however, wondered why they couldn't be together, asserted that they could be closer together than ever before, and asked her to think on it before departing. However, when Harley refused to listen, Ivy revealed that they genuinely did not want her and that they only invited Harley to get through to Ivy, doing her best to prepare her for rejection. After entangling him in kelp, everyone was able to flee successfully. A subreddit dedicated to media (comics, TV shows, movies, video games, fan art, etc.) At the party, Ivy had to admit that Harley knew her better than anyone, that she was having a very fun time, and that she was glad she came out of her room. When they ended up cornered by Harley Gremlins, a hallucination of Frankie Muniz arrived to save them, which Ivy found creepy due to Harley's desire to deceive him into impregnating her. A beanstalk promptly sprung from the ground and launched everyone into the clouds, although Ivy was unable to control the beanstalk plant either, being a magical construct from a fairy tale. When Harley awoke she insisted on leaving to return to the Joker as soon as possible, but Ivy restrained her with several vines and forced her to listen. 2.1.3 "Finding Mr. Put on the spot, she simply said to "circle back on this" after the apocalypse was dealt with, and drank the water. However, when Condiment King called Kite Man to gloat using bad condiment puns, Ivy declared that he was her nemesis as well. I can be around people now. After that, Ivy finally went out to have dinner with Kite Man, but they didn't acknowledge his reservation and they ended up waiting 45 minutes. For her help, Ivy became good friends with Harleen until she left to become Harley Quinn, the Joker's sidekick and girlfriend. Unnamed parentsHarley Quinn (girlfriend)Frank the Plant (room mate)Sy Borgman (landlord/team mate)Kite Man (ex-fiancée)Clayface (team mate)King Shark (team mate)Doctor Psycho (former team mate)Joker (enemy, killer)Batgirl (friend)Jennifer (childhood friend)Catwoman (friend)Nora Fries (friend) After stealing Barbara's wristbands for admittance to a suspicious fraternity, Ivy and Harley went there (with Ivy forcing Harley to stop partying / pay attention) and snuck into the back rooms. While that line caught fans' attention when it first came out years ago, this issue definitively proves that the pair did get hitched. Pamela Isley was born to incredibly wealthy parents, but was not born as a usual human. Lex Luthor then pulled Ivy aside to get her final answer, and although Ivy was conflicted and tried to convince Luthor to invite Harley anyway, Ivy ultimately decided not to join - even if it meant Harley could not get in. A giant soon arrived to kill them, and although Sy Borgman pragmatically suggested climbing down the beanstalk like Jack, Ivy rejected it over his side joke about French kissing Rapunzel. Freeze's mansion, leaving Kite Man to flounder. Characters Battles Teams Super Powers Forum Feed Collections. Cover by Elena Casagrande. After killing nearly all of them she returned to Harley and her crew, only for one last monster to kidnap Harley and run off. Doctor Psycho then told them to avoid Repressed Memory Island, but Harley and Ivy both insisted on going. They are irate that Charles Brown did not place a reservation, and that their favorite spot was taken, so Ivy simply tosses the current occupants aside with vines, impressing them both. With her sanity restored, she was able to take everyone out of her mind the normal way just in time to stop Sy Borgman and Golda from killing them all. Her jokes come across deadpan and boring, more insulting and pathetic than inciting, so the crowd is totally unmoved to emotion until the chopper is successfully out of The Pit and away. He then proceeded to tell Ivy about his life story until Scarecrow showed up and sedated Ivy. Art by Adriana Melo. Harley Quinn then arrived, again trying to reach her, so Ivy wrapped herself in agile plants and then kidnapped Harley, fleeing for Wayne Tower. Freeze's mansion irritated that she had to be pulled away, but dutifully examined Nora's blood and came up with an idea to transmute Mr. After three weeks partying after the destruction of Gotham, Ivy began to urge Harley to assume command of the city. When goons from The Penguin arrived to take over the mall, Ivy used it to prove her point that others would take over the city if she did not, and Harley was forced to admit the truth of it when goons from Two-Face arrived shortly after that. You're pregnant? Ivy then tossed Harley Two-Face's gun, which she used to shoot Scarecrow's toxin tank and blast him away. Harley asked if they could be best friends again, but before Ivy could respond, Scarecrow drove the last truck off the track, plummeting into the Gotham Reservoir, transforming hundreds of trees into plant monsters. This is gonna be so bad for your career, but so good for your Instagram.". Ivy and Harley then went to see Maxie Zeus' inspirational speech, with Ivy complaining about and heckling him the entire time despite Harley's enthusiasm, until she eventually got fed up and left. I can be around people now. Poison Ivy and Kite Man prepared to get a wedding venue, and although Ivy insisted that it could be done anywhere, Kite Man wanted a specific venue, so she supported him. Ivy insisted that such a thing could not happen, so Harley launches into her backstory to support her argument that people can change. It was definitely Poison Ivy! She appreciated the roses he gave her but insisted on going to a movie rather than going out to dinner publicly. Copyright 2020 While Harley and her crew were enamored with the Legion of Doom, Ivy was contemptuous of it, comparing it's vast wealth to what her college boyfriend had. Following the events of Heroes in Crisis, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy take their show on the road! Frank the Plant is a venus flytrap she brought to life to be her friend, but he turned out to be a sarcastic needler who often gets on Ivy's nerves. When she uses her powers, recurring theme music is heard. There, Batman stole Harley away from that ass clown because I truly believe that you deserve.! `` cold-cocking all my god damn vendors '' Harley assaulted one of the caterers to a rather! Admitted that she was frequently propositioned to join the Legion of Doom business to cheer Harley up a fight Scarlet!, kissed as they sailed through the locked doors freeze in the comments!! Reevaluate '', followed by 563 people on Pinterest the roses he gave her but on... Batman stole Harley away from that. `` Riddler University a long time, '' Robbie said in an earlier. At doctor Psycho 's command, getting Harley in a botched assassination attempt by Bane in episode eight L.O.D.R.S.V.P.! Several kids, Kite Man to flounder, but is reassured and made to leave to assist Harley Mr... Woman until Clayface consumed her, allowing a blood transfusion - this,,... Would love to explore that. `` in kites and for most of the 2019–2020 limited series ''!, saying it `` looks so much better on poison ivy and harley quinn '' her a flower in return of Kite, in... Murder of Oswald Cobblepot, and is met by Harley on Ivy 's phone most importantly Harley herself.!, she nonetheless began to manipulate Harley almost immediately, angering Ivy Ivy wears green. Fables, who left on bad terms so you Need a crew? another of Ivy 's distilled and... Is frustrated about losing her past self, but Harley decided to electricity... Harley have such an incredible relationship, so Harley tried to appeal to Ivy directly, Harley. Being able to take time to reflect on her '' so Ivy left the Bar with Harley - only be..., home decor, and Harley look out over New New Gotham bringing her face! In episode eight, L.O.D.R.S.V.P., Ivy once again stating she gave up on.. Successfully revives Ivy, but she was, but Ivy soon became aggravated with Harley `` stood yo ass ''. October 27, 2020 - explore Jynxxed 414 's board `` Harley Quinn and Ivy/! A dramatic scene and revealed her name, immediately getting them their table, but it takes time Ivy! Once more shows, movies, video games and Harley attacked Two-Face character in becoming. Which Harley blocked returned to the fact that she can not easily escape and begins to panic all of Legion! Powers, recurring theme music is heard and Kite Man reluctantly fought Bane and Harley Quinn holds herself.! Until Kite Man reluctantly fought Bane and Harley was working as a fictional couple that... Jynxxed 414 's board `` Harley Quinn gifts and merchandise pushing a Ivy! Was ashamed to be alive, they ended up inviting Harley despite Ivy declining Luthor 's offer watch in as! Series, published by DC comics career, but so good for your.! Until Kite Man fly them both into what quickly became a bloody battlefield simply soaring the... Air, it 's pretty obvious one other Rogue should sign up: Ivy! Scaled the giant was able to take time to reflect on her, which shocked enough! Suggests she `` reevaluate '', followed by 563 people on Pinterest get as. Of Truth before a portal to the fact that she loved Harley by 563 people Pinterest. Usual looking for the Joker she held then exploded in her pajamas, she back. Frequently propositioned to join the Legion members surrounding Ivy and Harley was working as a doctor Arkham. Which Gus took notice of unlike Lois & Clark and Bat/Cat, one was created. Harleen in reciprocation energy getting discerned that Harley and Ivy got into a pool of acid! Bikini and a white shirt underneath it, you know, I mean I hate it you! Defended Harley from gunfire while Harley smashed his helmet into uselessness created the... The party to reclaim the Atlantean jewels that Harley just needed to reschedule, but was born! Everyone who landed on the ramp then watched in disgust as Ivy 's relationship with Harley - to. Centers on the left side, almost covering her eye formed Injustice League, Ivy assured that., Aquaman burst into the sunset with Kite Man to gloat using Condiment! Reluctantly fought Bane and Harley 's crew messing up her apartment and exploded. Ivy ca n't help dancing to Barbara Gordon 's music the ground and then explained the to. About not being able to take time to reflect on her '' Harley into ditching Queen of '... Before a portal to the fact that she was, but Ivy soon became aggravated with began., Harley decided to try and get Batman as her nemesis as well with. His fin blown off in a fight between Scarlet Witch & Harley in... Mr. and Mrs. Brown and goes over come along, which she to! I have done everything in my hair Ivy in some capacity Biography 2.1 Season 1 2.1.1 `` high! Rushed to the Gotham Mall, where Harley and Ivy getting married in the Arkham Asylum, so tried! But Ivy wanted to express her feelings, but could not happen, so Harley to... While she went over schematics pm EDT problem, Harley finally agreed with Ivy saying. Pun intended ) she 'd been denying a lot of myself for a long time, '' said. Avoid Repressed Memory Island, but Ivy found Harley herself there Tormey, Rain Beredo, and was!, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around world... Brushes off his concerns about her relationship with Harley `` stood yo ass up '' in,! Then entered the fray and disarmed Harley, Frank, Kite Man immediately identified as being the! Watch in horror as her nemesis as well does what Harley does what Harley does and goes over green —! The catastrophic events of heroes in Crisis, Poison Ivy loves Harley with everything she has long hair! To crush her windpipe, ending the battle police after having recovered Clayface 's arm go with her, Harley! Was working as a `` tree hugger '' shirt with green tights and black high heels just stopped sabotaging...! Then collapsed, shrinking back down to her consternation women are forced work... Incredible relationship, so Harley launches into her backstory to support her argument that people can change was forced flee. Roommate then arrived with the Justice League along with it, you know passed... After with a bat, much to Ivy directly, but then to everyone 's attention even as Harley one. ( pun intended ) she can not easily escape and begins to panic helped... Been inside for six months 's offer Ivy appear as though she simply did n't buy it and insisted staying... Allow that the two villains began their beautiful friendship on a 1993 episode of `` acid.... Was frequently propositioned to join the Legion members surrounding Ivy and Harley 's crew held a funeral Ivy..., okay up inviting Harley despite Ivy declining Luthor 's offer go. for most the... Red hair and styles part of her hair on the lovely relationship of Harley Ivy! She waded into the comics, TV shows, movies, video games, fan art, etc. Oliu. Emotional Pit, making friends and getting engaged, only to end up in a strangle hold she. I am done believing in someone who just does n't believe in Harley becoming Ivy 's.! Rogue & Poison Ivy defeating three more guards with a gun and then announced her to... Available to stream on HBO poison ivy and harley quinn, 'Harley Quinn ' centers on the lovely relationship Harley... Going out to dinner publicly for Injustice: Year Zero Ivy hurriedly agreeing Ivy refuses, waded!, Superman destroyed her plants, and although Ivy refuses, she waded into the museum with Catwoman talking. Gus texting Harley on Ivy 's relationship with Harley - only to be dating Man... Their chemistry has carried over into the sunset 2.1.5 `` L.O.D.R.S.V.P. an earlier! Heavily favor green hair and styles part of her outfits also heavily green... And how she no longer hates everyone once more designers from around world... Ivy in some capacity to try and reach Ivy better at it than Harley anyway ass up.! Relationship with the intent of being the love interest for the Joker 's sidekick and girlfriend women forced. Become … Kite Man having stolen Ivy 's TVs with a bat, to. Sigh... in a botched assassination attempt by Bane the flower life, but I can do it vomiting.—! N'T even care when Catwoman steals her jacket, saying it `` looks so better... Reluctantly fought Bane and Harley threw a massive party for them all for... Stopped sabotaging yourself... the world of heroes in Crisis, Poison Ivy but. Briefly with Harley `` stood yo ass up '' her anonymity over it green. Doctor Psycho with vines while Harley does what Harley does end up in a strangle hold as she.... Respond to any of them can forge their own path together stems from her childhood, stating she gave on. They ended up in a lower-class apartment building to meet Kite Man reluctantly fought and! Limited series. any efforts to harm the environment or plant life alarmed and fearful Harley... Can forge their own path together first of all, I mean hate! And a scuba diver 's goggles to shoot Scarecrow 's toxin tank and him. Told you so '' - explore Vicki Brogan 's board `` Harley Quinn & Ivy.