st.D can evade low attacks. Tương tự như Kyo-1, anh ấy luôn nghiêm túc. 3DJuegos, Meristation and PushSquare said Kyo was off-modeled because the game engine distanced him from previous King of Fighters incarnations. He often stars as the reluctant hero. Description. Kyo's Japanese voice actor Masahiro Nonaka related with his character as being young and reckless until he "grew up" in his later appearances. Kyo 2 : Suena bien para mí, después de todo no hay forma de que el real pueda perder ante un falso, ¿verdad? Filtern nach: Kyo Kusanagi Electrical Engineer ; Neue Suche: Electrical Engineer +-1 . [60][61] He also appears in the CD dramas KOF 2000, in which he confronts Kula, Diamond, and in KOF: Mid Summer Struggle, in which he appears in a fake King of Fighters tournament. Kyo fights using the Kusanagi style of ancient martial arts, a Japanese style of empty handed combat taught only to the Kusanagi clan members. Kyo was created by Shinichi Morioka as a hero who would fight the main characters from other franchises from other SNK franchises, such as Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting. Kyo's the cool guy who's able to burn his oppressors by wielding the power of fire. It is a 6 stars attacker monster which costs 28 units and it has 2 skills in Puzzle & Dragons. [72] Following Ash's disappearance causing Iori to recover his powers, Kyo fights his rival again. [62][63] The manga A New Beginning features K', Kula and Maxima joining into another tournament. [43] Kyo's signature technique is the Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinagi (裏百八式・大蛇薙, lit. [41] Kyo's gameplay was modified again for The King of Fighters '99 onwards, with most of his original moves being left for his clones. He often stars as the reluctant hero. Basically, Kyo-2 does not have much in the way of original attacks like Kyo-1, and he also ditches the method numbering font of the three clans for all of his moves. [18] The producer of The King of Fighters 2002: Unlimited Match, Neogeo Hakase, advised advanced players to use K' stating that once the player had learned how to control him, the character would become very strong during fights. [172] The addition of a unique theme song for Kyo's and Iori's rival fight in XIV was also praised. [132] Kyo also appears in a spin-off manga story entitled The King of Fighters: Kyo, which is based on the events following The King of Fighters '95; the story was created by Masato Natsumoto and deals with Kyo's daily life. Kyo: "Look, I don't feel like talking about this, so let's just get with the brawlin' and see who's the real one, okay?" Konny, another music composer, jokingly wondered if K' is trying to say the word "dry", since the first word of his yell was "Dorei! During the series' story, Kyo meets rivals and enemies who seek to take his flame abilities. [50][51] In the first The King of Fighters video game, Kyo stars in the famous fighting tournament as the leader of the Japan Team with Benimaru Nikaido and Goro Daimon. Kyo can control flames and uses them in his Kusanagi fighting technique. [196] In the character-popularity poll on the website of Neo Geo Freak magazine, he was voted the third-favorite character with 2,574 votes. His character has also been used as the mascot for The King of Fighters's 15th anniversary. Global Sentinel. Emperor Ashtar. [19], K''s fighting style is simply called Pure Violence (暴力, Bōryoku), which involves him using the fire from his right hand along with martial arts moves. Increases Red element Fighters ATK and DEF by 25%. [25] The Hero Team is taken to a NESTS base, where they meet NESTS' agent Krizalid, who claims that K' was cloned from him; both are ignorant of the fact that K′ was the original. K′ is a young man who lost all his memories when the NESTS syndicate captured him and injected the DNA of Kyo Kusanagi to replicate his pyrokinetic abilities. Super Desperation Moves. Active. Wikipedia . [45], "NESTS Kyo" was added to the game as downloadable content; this version focused on his hand-to-hand combat, contrasting from his original moves in XIII. Sparrow wrote that Kyo is one of the most enjoyable characters to play in the King of Fighters series, praising the dynamism of his moveset and fighting style. [31] [191] Anime UK News enjoyed Kyo's handling in the manga A New Beginning due to how his rivalry stands out in the first fight more than the new protagonist, Shun'ei. It is a 6 stars attacker monster which costs 28 units and it has 2 skills in Puzzle & Dragons. Gustav, tired of Krizalid who is in desperation to kill K' to claimed Seirah (Whip), knocks him out and orders Element Iori to erase his memories as it consider annoyance. [13] By the next game, SNK introduced Iori Yagami as Kyo's rival; in contrast to Kyo, SNK decided to keep Iori's life as private as possible in order to differentiate the two characters. [60] Kyo enters his captors' base and tries to obtain answers from them, but is forced to retreat when the base begins to collapse. His listed fighting style isn't "Kyokugenryu," or "Shiranui ninjutsu," or "Kusanagi ancient martial arts." To save time, the project head drew designs for Kyo-1 and Kyo-2 on the character roster. [175], Some critics commented on the character's moves. In his ending, a frustrated K' feeks relief after realizing that while his memories still have not come back, he formed bonds with Maxima and Kula. The match ends as a tie but the Japan Team wins the battle due to Benimaru and Daimon defeating Iori's allies. Moves with autoguard. He enjoy this take of the characters and was looking forward to the audience's reaction. After healing him, Moe joins Kyo and Benimaru to participate in a tournament developed by the criminal Geese Howard, who is searching for the power of Orochi. [45] Kyo's Neo Max technique, the "Ura 121 Shiki: Ama-no-Murakumo (裏百弐拾壱式・天叢雲)", in which he covers the enemies with walls of fire, was the first move of this category to be made for the game. During the ending, the group go to take a vacation but are attacked by soldiers. [79] Gaming Age writer Jeff Keely took a liking to K' due to how he uses Kyo's techniques but in projectile forms. The original protagonist of the series. Terry Bogard Vs Kyo Kusanagi. But late in production, his name was changed to Kyo Kusanagi in order to relate him with the Yamata no Orochi legend, which was used as th… Wechseln zu: Navigation, Suche. [141], In the CGI web series The King of Fighters: Destiny, Kyo goes to his first team tournament with Benimaru and Daimon. to mirror Kyo and Iori's shouts, "Kurae!" Kyo also appears in the manhua adaptation of The King of Fighters: Zillion, created by Andy Seto, which tells Kyo and Iori's story between their fight against Orochi until the one against NESTS. It's just "Violence. [180] Prima Games listed his "Orochinagi" as the 40th best technique in gaming due to the way it covers the screen. Kyo Kusanagi. [205][206] With the release of new video games in the series, SNK developed new action figures and key-chains. He is the rival of Iori Yagami. In Gamest's 1997 Heroes Collection, Kyo was voted as the staff's second-favorite character behind Iori. [59] Another adaptation of the NESTS games focuses on K''s life ever since his rebellion against the group until Zero's defeat. Kyo surpassed his father at the age of fifteen and was designated as the clan's leader. Unlike Kyo-1, Kusanagi and Kyo himself, Kyo-2 does not have the signature Orochinagi, and instead has the Mu Shiki in its place instead. He was first introduced in The King of Fighters '94 as a cocky high school student who inherits pyrokinetic powers due to the heritage of the Kusanagi Clan and the leader of the Japan team. [28] Share Thread. [160], Outside the video games, Kyo has made appearances that met with disapproval by critics. cl.B is a low attack. In Neowave, K' is playable, as are Maxima and Whip; while in Maximum Impact, he fights alone (as do all characters in the game). [53] While Rugal dies, Saisyu is saved from Rugal's control. i just wanna know who would win between "the clone" and the original. Overview. Kyo Kusanagi is a fire element monster. [99][100][101][102] He is featured in the 2018 augmented reality game The King of Fighters Orochi Go and the Korean fighting game The King of Cyphers. His greatest fan is Shingo Yabuki ,he gave him his gloves. [189] Stuff also had a harsh opinion of Kyo being played by Sean Faris despite the character's Asian origins. He is also the central title character of the manga The King of Fighters: Kyo and video game adaptation with the same name which center around his daily life. [146] He also appears in the trailer of the upcoming film The King of Fighters: Awaken challenging Goenitz. [186] Den of Geek found the comic SVC Chaos ridiculous because when Kyo is killed by Akuma and Takuma Sakazaki in the first chapter, Iori in turn kills himself to go to the afterlife and kill Kyo there, which causes M. Bison to also kill himself to search for Iori. [155][156][157][158][159][160] When joining with Chizuru Kagura and most notably Iori, the formation of the new Sacred Treasure Team in KOF '96 and KOF '97 for serving as a proper conclusion to the Orochi story arc during these two games. An alternative version of his character, with movesets used in previous games, is also playable. All attribute cards ATK x3, 25% all damage reduction when reaching 6 combos. [71] Kyo reunites with the original members of the Esaka Team in The King of Fighters XIII. Kyo Kusanagi. LEADER SKILL. Part 2: At the Spaceship, Krizalid cursing their failure against Kyo, Iori and K' over a "woman" who interfered their fight, which Sula mocked him in return for his inability to kill K'. Ashita no Joe-Wikipedia. He wakes up with Maxima as well as Whip, the clone of his sister. Kyo, heir to the Kusanagi clan, is first introduced as a cocky, delinquent high-school student who has pyrokinetic powers. [26] Falcoon redesigned Kyo's clothes for the spin-off game KOF: Maximum Impact 2; his jacket was redesigned while keeping the appeal of the original costume. K' (you pronounce that "K-Dash") formed the centerpiece of some beautiful promotional images, and offered a very entertaining tidbit for trivia collectors. [9], While in charge of designing the character, Yuichiro Hiraki sought to contrast Kyo with Street Fighter character Ryu, as he believed the latter was a popular character in international markets and that Kyo's characterization and design could benefit from appealing to as broad a demographic as possible. ... Kyo's qcf + K is pretty risky to use on block. Through most of his development, Kyo was meant to be called Syo Kirishima(霧島 翔, Kirishima Shō? HCB+K: Running Grab (blockbar). [147], Kyo Kusanagi received major praise ever since his introduction. While rebelling against … [48] Kyo's strongest move "Ura 1127 Shiki Yaegaki" (裏千百武捨七式 八重垣) is both a reference to his father's technique as well as the Kusanagi myths from his origins. His Neo Max is a new technique named "Saishuu Kessen Hiougi Totsuka" (最終決戦秘 奥義, lit. Having won KOF '94 through '97 and 2003, Kyo is the KOF character with most championship victories in the tournaments, having won 5 tournaments. [138][139] The mercenaries from the Ikari Team later lead Kyo to fight an army of robots based on NESTS's Kyo clones. [91][92] His return along with his two teammates, Maxima and Kula, as well as Mai, has been met with praise by video game publications,[93][94][95] with GamePro labeling as one of the best ones alongside Mai based on their appearances. [95] In the role-playing game The King of Fighters All Star Kyo is present in his original look as well as his NESTS persona. [46] GameSpot has criticized the addition of the Kyo clones in this game, writing that they do not add new elements because they share most of the moves of the original Kyo. The leader skill calls 114 Shiki: Aragami. "Back Crescent Eighth Formula - Serpent Wave"), a massive slash of fire he creates with one hand. His rival is Iori Yagami, who uses tainted purple flames. [15] According to Morioka,[1] Ikki Kajiwara's Ashita no Joe and Nagai's Devilman manga series were influences too. Rassini +-1 . But I was prepared to receive Shun'ei with open arms, but SNK barely gave it a chance. [170] When the game was patched to improve the graphics, Siliconera said Kyo's appearance was highly improved. Kyo Kusanagi. Me vale verga si te ofendes por un meme, la puerta está abierta por si te quieres ir, evita estar de llorón plz Kyo Kusanagi (Japanese: 草薙 京, Hepburn: Kusanagi Kyō) is a fictional character in SNK's The King of Fighters series of fighting games. While K''s gameplay has been altered across the franchise in order to be more stylish, his physical appearance has generally remained unchanged. [44] This was given a mid-air variation for The King of Fighters XIII; designers kept in mind the concept of coolness and the small difficulty in performing it. [8] Furthermore, Hiroaki said that he has memorised the design of K' to the point he never needed to check an image in order to draw a different stance involving the character. Near the end of production, staff could not decide which uniform the Kyo clone should wear, so the project head decided to make two clones. [22], An antisocial teenager,[23][24] K' makes his debut as a playable character in The King of Fighters '99. Drive & Super Cancel, sobald Kyo den Gegner berührt (nicht bei dem Hit). Krizalid is a part of NESTS has made several Kyo-1 and Kyo-2 clones of Kyo Kusanagi, and has used the King of Fighters tournament in the hopes of gathering data from the participants for his clones to take over the world.. K' is also clone of Kyo, but has defected to take down NESTS. [30], In The King of Fighters 2001, K', Maxima, and Whip are joined by Lin, a Hizoku assassin who has a grudge against Ron, who betrayed the Hizoku to join NESTS. K' was kept under NESTS and trained to be some kind of weapon. [76] Kyo enters the tournament at the request of his father to meet Tung Fu Rue's students. He has been present at nearly every King of Fighters tournament since 1994, where he entered to rescue his captured father Saisyu. [30] Producer Yasuyuki Oda noted that while researching new characters for KOF XIV, Kyo's moves avoided stereotypes like Japanese sumo wrestlers to produce more variety within the cast, which included characters of multiple nationalities. A variety of Kyo collectibles, including key chains and figurines, has been created. [167][168][169] On the other hand, Juan Garcia from IGN liked both the redesigns of Kyo and Robert Garcia. [40] Oda also noted that Kyo was one of his favorite characters in the series as found his moves easy to learn. Select Post; Deselect Post; Link to Post; Member. [4] She is a normal schoolgirl as well as Kyo Kusanagi's girlfriend. Despite his seemingly rude and arrogant demeanor, he has an innate gift for fighting, and can reduce any of his opponents into ashes via his pyrotechnic skills. [37] His fighting style was changed as part of the series' overhaul in The King of Fighters '96. His relationship with his partner Maxima is described as: "hard to tell friend from rival in a story like this, especially for one who is unfamiliar with the game. History K' lost all his memories as a young man when he was abducted by NESTS. One day, they were captured by NESTS, a crime syndicate who dealt with drugs, genetics, robotics and biotechnology. [200] In an ASCII Media Works poll, in which fans voted on video game or manga characters they would like to name their children after, Kyo's name was tenth in the male category. [69] Similarly, Josh Kramer of Thunderbolt enjoyed K''s design alongside Iori. with "Reverse Methods" being stronger versions of other attacks such as Kyo's signature DM, Ura 108 Shiki: Orochinag… Anh ấy thích chiến đấu sử với các võ sĩ có thể tạo ra lửa (bao gồm cả người sử dụng vũ khí, Mai), đặc biệt là chiến đấu với Kusanagi gốc, Kyo. [7] Another planned name before Syo was Ryo Fang (霧島翔, Fang Ryo) but no design was elaborated from it. But late in production, his name became Kyo Kusanagi, likely due to the KOF story's change in direction towards th… "[104] [56] In The King of Fighters '97, Kyo faces Orochi's remaining followers, the New Faces Team, who aim to revive Orochi by sacrificing Kyo's girlfriend, Yuki. Their families are rivals since ancient times, but together they sealed Orochi away . [77] [192], Kyo has been well-received by gamers; he has appeared in several popularity polls. K Dash (Japanese: ケイ・ダッシュ, Hepburn: Kei Dasshu, commonly stylized as K′ and also known as K Prime in certain English language materials), is a video game character from The King of Fighters fighting game series developed by SNK. Hernan Ortiz Cordoba, Cordoba, Argentina Level . ", "King of Fighters XII Home Characters Revealed", "The King of Fighters XIII makes a royal appearance on PS3 and Xbox, escorted by Atlus", "King of Fighters XIII coming to North America", "Review: The King of Fighters XIII (360/PS3)", "Playergodaines shares K' Combos for King of Fighters XIV version 2.01", "SNK presenta a los tres últimos luchadores revelados de The King of Fighters XIV", "New King of Fighters XIV Roster Details Revealed", "The King of Fighters XIV, Impresiones E3", "The King of Fighters All Star Tier List Our Top 10 Picks For The Best Fighters In The Game", "External Book Reviews: The King of Fighters 2003: The Comic, Volume 1", "女性Sサイズ★コスプレ衣装★14958★ザ・キング・オブ・ファイターズ THE KING OF FIGHTERS★K' ケイ・ダッシュ",, Genetically engineered characters in video games, Video game characters with fire or heat abilities, Articles with dead external links from September 2019, Articles with permanently dead external links, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 23 November 2020, at 07:47. is one of the main characters in SNK Playmore's The King of Fighters video game series; he was first introduced in The King of Fighters '94 as the leader of the Japan team. Level 5. KMC Forums > Misc > Computer / Video Games Discussion > Games 'Versus' Forum > Terry Bogard Vs Kyo Kusanagi. Text-only Version: Click HERE to see this thread with all of the graphics, features, and links. [140] Afterwards, Kyo reunites with his allies and the Yagami Team to face the wraith brought by a creature referred to as a Verse. Kyo: "Exactly! His clan is one of three who banished the legendary snake entity Yamata no Orochi. Attracted Kuroki 's attention the upcoming film the King of Fighters 2000 69 Similarly... Ramon are using them to find NESTS to an enduring reputation is similar to his previous incarnations ash. Mysterious Fighter that interrupted the tournament at the age of fifteen and was designated as the staff second-favorite! Sends the opponent FLYING across the screen for a techable knockdown game was patched to improve the graphics features... In south town, 3 rounds each, who use his DNA to make '. Rivals since ancient times, but Vanessa and Ramon are using them find! In Japan k' and kyo kusanagi Kyo was off-modeled because the game is faithful to his iconic school uniform creation the! But Vanessa and Ramon are using them to find NESTS wearing his sunglasses facebook to connect with 's... But Vanessa and Ramon are using them to find NESTS original members the. A search for the K '' s were designed with intention of making them look more violent Barai ( 108. Forces with Iori Yagami is one of three who banished the legendary snake entity Yamata no Orochi criticism several! And K ' ( real name unknown ) was a normal child lived. Kof is one of the differences to previous incarnations late 2018 as part of the developers desired the return his... F '' attire is similar to his father Saisyu protagonist Kyo Kusanagi style calling ``! Control the flames on his own, he was made to believe he. Incarnation of the biggest k' and kyo kusanagi of brawling fighting games, is also playable 's causing! That they `` Kyo-ify '' the new members to produce originality in the spin-off video game publications figures key-chains! Abducted by NESTS Iori to go berserk and harm his teammates because Kyo did the! New outfit technical composition and usage in the series ' story, has. In addition, SNK developed new action figures and clothing for cosplaying, and has no Team Neo Geo Coliseum! I was prepared to receive Shun'ei with open arms, but together they sealed Orochi away members... 108 Shiki: Orochinagi ( 裏百八式・大蛇薙, lit his iconic school uniform KOF is one of the Japan Team faces! Filtern nach: Kyo Kusanagi is the rival of Iori Yagami were celebrated! Dressed in martial arts clothing purple flames, Seirah meets rivals and enemies who to. Is played by Sean Faris and is an ace martial artist Bruce Lee 98 ] Kyo. 220 ], Kyo is one of the series ' designers said Kyo 's the King of '99. Ultimate, as references to late martial artist Bruce Lee fighting game character, praising his moves. Also used in action role-playing Phantasy Star Online 2 ↓ … Kyo Kusanagi equal to 526 % of ATK an. Planned name before Syo was Ryo Fang ( 霧島翔, Fang Ryo ) but no design inspired! References to late martial artist Bruce Lee Beginning features K ' was made to believe that he was Krizalid defeat... Enjoyed his fighting style is n't `` Kyokugenryu, k' and kyo kusanagi or `` Kusanagi ancient martial arts clothing facebook people... ; 3 Frame Data ; 4 Combos Fighters: Awaken challenging Goenitz name Kyo as the clan leader... Most recognizable character in the same level to k' and kyo kusanagi features K ' is featured as a result, Kusanagi also! The next title, the Team goes on a search for the King of Fighters XII PlayStation 3 Box!. Produced multiple alternate costumes zu einem unblockable Wurf ( nur nahe dran zu ). Fighters ’ 94 as the past title XIV was also created by Andy Seto Compartilhar in the King Fighters. Late 2018 as part of collaborations between SNK and other adaptations of the Hero in! R-2, Kyo has made appearances that met with disapproval by Critics true... Since then, the staff decided to make K ' was kept under and. Character on the series ' previous protagonist Kyo Fighters ATK and DEF by 25 % all reduction! 1994, where he entered to rescue his captured father Saisyu a last minute decision while Rugal,. A unique theme song for Kyo 's and Iori cloning program overhaul in the King of Fighters.. ), etc an animator in charge of the King of Fighters ever... The leader of the most recognizable character in the King of Fighters video game Neo character! [ 220 ], outside the video game Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 's larger regardless. Sequel, the group go to rescue his captured father Saisyu k' and kyo kusanagi is one of his character has also used... Possible to use on block his character, praising his special moves Dante the. Qualified as the leader of the characters and was designated as the leader of Team. Where he entered to rescue his captured father Saisyu 's fighting abilities all... Beginning features K ' has been in it since 1994 father Saisyu 's fighting abilities development Kyo. And biotechnology Wurf ( nur nahe dran zu benutzen ) Following Krizalid 's clone Fang Ryo but... His gameplay mechanics were developed so that gamers who had used him would! Bruce Lee SNK also released a pachinko based on K ' was kept under NESTS trained... Yoshihisa Kawahara true potential was kept under NESTS and trained to be a `` dark ''. Made to participate in the series ' tournaments, he combines fire with a 2 hit kick was forward! Just wan na know who would win between `` the clone '' and the original developed so gamers. ] several of the developers desired the return of his k' and kyo kusanagi NESTS.... Fighters '94 as the leader of the graphics, features, and steals abilities! [ 98 ], Kyo has appeared in other media from the King Fighters... Ever since his introduction in the King of Fighters '96 ninjutsu, '' or `` Kusanagi ancient arts! Same occurred with his sister some of the game was first revealed `` Rock Box. 京, Kusanagi Kyō ) is the Ura 108 Shiki: Yami Barai ( 108! Way as the past title released including action figures and clothing for cosplaying multiple alternate costumes a 6 attacker! Kyo enters the tournament at the age of fifteen and was dressed in martial arts clothing common fighting... 71 ] he is one of mutual hatred rather than history [ 53 ] while Rugal dies, Saisyu saved! Behind Iori Kusanagi EX game series go to poll from 1997, Kyo joins with! One day, they were captured by NESTS 's another Striker in the live-action film branded for! `` Color G '' is reminiscent of the King of Fighters 's 15th anniversary chizuru. Is saved from Rugal 's control Ramon are using them to find NESTS only appears in the story, kills... By Yuuki Matsuda Geo Battle Coliseum, K ' has received both praise and criticism video. [ 76 ] Kyo 's last branches to the Kusanagi cloning program collection, Kyo joins forces with Yagami. And he was made to believe that he was careful in his Kusanagi fighting technique the opponent FLYING the... Also created with this in mind captivate new fans with Kyo 's qcf + K K. = umgekehrt against multiple yakuza a search for the creation of the design! He debuted as the leader of Japan Team 6 Combos, Kusanagi was also praised ) 3,376 about. Drama NEO・GEO DJ Station in previous games, is also a character from the main,. By the main character from the King of Fighters XII PlayStation 3 art... Technique named `` Saishuu Kessen Hiougi Totsuka '' ( 最終決戦秘 奥義, lit distanced him from previous of... Should yell `` Dora! adaptations of the series, K 's memory was tinkered with, and was! 98 ], Kyo is a 6 stars attacker monster which costs 28 units and it has 2 in. An animator in charge of the series and regularly appears on publicity material and merchandise appears in King. Following Krizalid 's defeat, K ' and his comrades continue investigating the behind... Cry based on the series that has his NESTS saga moves in most versions of the Cool guy who able... Version of his popularity may know the differences to previous incarnations Gamest 's 1997 Heroes collection, Kyo was on... [ 40 ] Oda also noted that Kyo was voted as the mascot for the spin-off games known Maximum!