You can draw it freehand while looking at your computer monitor, or you can print out this page to get a closer look at each step. 6. Mar 29, 2019 - Here’s a pretty fierce way to draw a dinosaur head. This is the … Easy step-by-step instructions. It’s one way to make sure you get to see all those sharp teeth. Draw the mouth first, extending it to the head and neck, continuing to the body. Step 6. How to draw dinosaur head . In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Parasaurolophus in just a few quick steps, but first… The Parasaurolophus is a member of the dinosaur group and the scientific term for them is P. walkeri. Envelop the whole body into. A tip for drawing the head… draw the top of the head so that it’s flush with the top of the oval. Now you can bring your Dinosaur to life by shading him! Use curved lines to draw the shape of the leg to emphasize the muscle structure. 3. 74 Tutorial How To Draw Velociraptor Dinosaur Easy Step Draw a medium-sized rectangle with rounded corner. OK, time now to draw the body of this velociraptor. Draw a small curved line at the end of this line. Step 4: Use a series of lines to complete the rest of the guides for the dinosaur's body. Feb 18, 2015 - Here’s a pretty fierce way to draw a dinosaur head. Start from the base of the neck and follow the shape you drew for the brow. Then, add a small square under the head to illustrate the neck. If you want to immerse yourself into an excellent world of tall plants and giant reptiles of the great Jurassic period, you can draw an accurate dinosaur drawing … Jurassic Park Drawings Jurassic Park Tyrannosaurus Rex Drawing. Be sure to use a pencil when drawing your dinosaur, as some lines will need rubbing out as you go. Step 1. The dinosaur's toes should be short and stubby. Connect the rectangle and the curve with a big half oval. Draw nails on its feet. ... Make head, face, jaws & ears. And when you’re all finished the head — it’s on to drawing the body… Third Step – Draw the Body of Your Velociraptor. You can post your drawing on the Pick and Draw Facebook page...I'd love to see your drawing! Step 3: Draw a curved line under the half- circle for the bottom half of the carnotaurus' head or jaw. Draw outline for body. Step:2 . Draw a small tail on the bottom in order to make the initial outline depict general shape of a dinosaur. Make it as big as you want your dinosaur’s body to be. You'll have fun learning to draw its spiked tail, big muscles and tall armor plates.­ In this section, we'll show you how to draw this Stegosaurus dinosaur. See image for placement. Also, it may be easier (and better looking perhaps!) Dinosaur drawing - step 3. Here presented 60+ Dinosaur Head Drawing images for free to download, print or share. After that, draw an almond shape inside the eye and then give the dinosaur a nostril, ear and menacing brow! Draw legs & feet. Aren’t dinosaurs fascinating? Give him a unique mouth shape and don’t forget to draw a partial curve around the jaw. Find dinosaur drawing stock images in HD and millions of other royalty-free stock photos, illustrations and vectors in the Shutterstock collection. Make hands, fingers & arms. Now draw a small oval shape for the small front arm position. In this nine steps drawing lessons, I will show you how to draw a Tyrannosaurus, the most feared and vicious dinosaur of all time (at least, that's what we would like to think!). How to Draw a Triceratops step by step, ... Triceratops is the genus of herbivorous ceratopsid dinosaur. Add the spines down his back first - watch how they start small, get bigger, then smaller again. All you will need is a pencil, an eraser, and a sheet of paper. First draw a guide line to form the shape of the body. ­Stegosaurus is an­ incredible looking dinosaur. 1. Drawing tools Drawing Software Dinosaur Heads T-rex Dilophosaurus Pachycephalosaurus Theropods Spinosaurus Ornithopods Parasaurolophus Armored Dinosaurs Stegosaurs Ankylosaurias Ankylosaurus Ceratopsian Triceratops Publisher Introduction: Drawing a Dinosaur In order to have a good start in learning how to draw a dinosaur … You may also wish to color your finished drawing. Step 5. … Follow our simple instructions to draw a cartoon T. rex and read on to find out how professional artists bring dinosaurs to life with their pictures. It’s one way to make sure you get to see all those sharp teeth. Add some color to your dinosaur if you like. Draw a series of small triangle- like shapes at the bottom for the toes and hoof-like nails. Their Greek name “spino-saurus” in means “spined-lizard” in English. 5. Would you like to draw a Brontosaurus dinosaur ? Its scientific name is Triceratops. Step:3 . Step 10: Now we’re going to outline the head. Learn how to draw Dinosaur Head pictures using these outlines or print just for coloring. Their Greek name “para-sauro-lophus” means “near-lizard-crest” in English which refers to the head adorn The shapes may look a little intimidating at first, but if you see how my tutorial starts with a simple oval body, and then attaches the arms … Feb 24, 2017 - Learn how to draw a T-Rex, probably the most famous of all the dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago. Start your drawing with a rough triangle with rounded corners as shown in picture 1. Dinosaur Head Drawing. Step 2. Step 11: Ct S Computer Drawings Jp3 Male Raptor Head The Old Dinosaur. Draw these separately with a pen or pencil, then cut them out. Now draw a “C” with a small “V” blocking its open side (like a Pacman with an elongated body) for the head … Realistic Dinosaur Head Drawing, Drawer Pro, Realistic Dinosaur Head Drawing Here’s how to make a diplodocus. First, sketch a large rectangle to create the head of your dinosaur. Mar 29, 2018 - Try this simple dinosaur...Blockheadasaurus.. and let me know how you did. T Rex Head Drawing Easy How To Draw Dinosaurs How To Draw A Dinosaur. Starting from the right bottom corner, draw a big curve. This will be the main body of your T-Rex. Add a few extra lines at the joints for the folds on the skin. Draw another curved line, beginning within the circle, passing beyond it, and ending as a nearly enclosed shape. 4. View By … How to Draw a … Here are the basic shapes you’ll need: The bottom of the foot should be wide and flat. Step 7. Aug 1, 2014 - Here’s a pretty fierce way to draw a dinosaur head. Change the position of the eye, the shape of the head, or if you like… have the mouth of your dinosaur closed as opposed to open. Kids, learn how to draw the Dinosaur by following the steps below. But the most recognizable dinosaur is a brontosaurus, with its long-giraffe like neck and little head and … Step 2. In this quick tutorial you’ll learn how to draw a Spinosaurus in just a few quick steps, but first… The Spinosaurus is a member of the dinosaur group and the scientific term for them is S. aegyptiacus.