Check out our bulb planting chart for information on planting other bulbs. Place your bulbs in a breathable container. Pot-cooled bulbs are normally potted & held for three weeks at 63° F before the six weeks of bulb cooling (at 40-45° F) begins (see the 2020 Easter Lily schedule for details). Pristine white flowers with a Heavenly fragrance; 2'-3'; whz 7-10. Wait until there’s no danger of overnight frost before bringing it outdoors. Care for your potted lily indoors until the soil is warm enough to transplant it successfully: PHOTO CREDIT: Cultivate. Furthermore, when storing lily bulbs over winter outdoors in containers, cover the top with a piece of plywood. This covering is called a tunic because it protects bulbs from extreme temperatures and from drying out. Those sold in Europe usually come from the Netherlands, Israel, Japan, Korea or China. This entire process requires 23 weeks from initial potting to Easter. wht_wolf9653 via Compfight cc, Your email address will not be published. Spread the roots and work prepared soil in around the bulbs and the roots, leaving no air pockets. Choose a spot with full sun in well-drained soil (provide afternoon shade in warmest regions). Some plants will last later into the season and should be allowed to remain with foliage intact until the last possible date before frost. They will bloom in late spring. Snip off the yellow anthers in the center of the flower to prolong blossoms. Close the container. The Garden Weasel (Ice Cream) Scoop Hand Tool .……. Let the bulbs dry for a few days in a cool, dark location. Move containers indoors to a dry location where temperatures do not exceed 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 C.). NEBLINE Newsletter Article by Mary Jane Frogge, Extension Associate. This white, charming flower captures the attention of everyone with its breathtaking beauty and sensual fragrance. They arrive in large crates, free of soil to respect agricultural requirements in many areas. Leave a comment with your idea and it could be f……, Wishing Garden Weasel Nation a happy and healthy holiday season! This is a useful skill for every gardener because of how long these plants can Prune your plant: Be sure to remove any dead or dying blooms.Once you have pruned all blossoms, select an area with bright, indirect light. When you gift an Easter lily plant, you can gift it for life. Potted lilies are common gift plants but most forms also do well in the garden. This spring special offer ends June 9th at 11:59pm CST. No worries – this might be a good time to cut your plant down, which will encourage new growth from the base later in summer. Easter Lily – Nothing can beat the magic of Easter lily among all Easter flowers. Next year, look for a … deep and 6 inches (15 cm.) Plant the Easter lily bulb to the same depth as you would if it was in a pot. When planting Easter lilies, be sure to bury the bulb three inches under the surface of the soil, and keep the bulb dormant during the winter months. The Bermuda Lily, more commonly known as the Easter Lily, is native to Ryukyu Islands of Japan, but was brought to the United States by soldier Louis Houghton just after World War I ended (specifically, in 1919). Container grown lilies are simple to save until the next bloom period. But that would be a shame since storing lily bulbs is fast, easy and economical. Plant bulbs at least 12 to 18 inches apart in a hole sufficiently deep so that the bulbs can be placed in it with the roots spread out and down, as they naturally grow. Stored bulbs shrivel and if you buy shop or garden centre bulbs it is best to rest them in damp peat or compost to bulk up again. Find more gardening information on Gardening Know How: Keep up to date with all that's happening in and around the garden. Come fall, carefully work bulb fertilizer or blood meal into the soil without disturbing the bulbs.