3 for the first time and I love it! Even protective styling like braids and weave causes stress and disrupt the hair’s elasticity. A lot of products promise to do this, but what sets Olaplex apart is the legitimate science behind it. Since having the Olaplex treatment my hair has been like hay!! Hi Guys!!! You might want to test a small amount of the formula on your skin when you use it for the first time to see how you react. But there are other factors that make it so many people look for other products similar to Olaplex. There are many poor-quality imitations. The Olaplex No. Once you try Olaplex on your hair, it’s difficult to use other products. But who is Olaplex No.3 best for, and can you trust it to restore your hair? When hair feels strong, it looks strong, so you can expect to have shinier, softer, and much bouncier strands after using Olaplex. In this service, the client comes in, we do our curl by curl cut and then do the Olaplex treatment. But exactly how does Olaplex work? All Rights Reserved. The following table highlights some of the ways they compare to each other. My hair hasn’t had any colour for over 18 months, and other than being naturally dry my hair is in very good condition. But the good news is, Olaplex is a total hair saviour! "I just tried Olaplex No. We diligently transition, Everyone’s natural hair journey is unique, and Carly Danner, the star of the latest Hair Me Out episode, would best describe hers as an “emot, Whether you actively track (and participate in) viral TikTok beauty trends, or prefer aimlessly scrolling for funny videos to send to the applicable group, It’s a tale as old as hair colour: Many years, dozens of touch-up appointments, several rounds of Olaplex, and you’ve finally made the decision to, 3 Hair Colour Trends That Will Be Huge In 2021, 5 Hats That Will Keep You Warm Without Messing Up Your Curls, The Pro-Approved Guide To Caring For Natural Hair In The Winter, I Got A Custom Curly Wig & I’ve Never Felt More Confident, 5 Hairstyle Trends On Track To Blow Up This Winter, This Protective Style Is Up 150% On Pinterest. Just keep in mind that this product can’t work miracles, and that it offers only a temporary fix for damaged hair. The company’s trademark ingredient claims to bond with each hair strand to halt oxidative damage, but there isn’t much information available about how effective it is at this goal. A completely sulfate-free shampoo such as Olaplex No.4 is a must. It has been horrible. Yes, it’s good … To safeguard you and ensure helpfulness and relevance, our compliance team manually assess every customer review before it goes live. Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine: This surfactant is a common replacement for silicones in conditioners because it is water-soluble and blends well with other ingredients. The basic premise is that Olaplex’s ingredients will bond to the weakened strands faster than oxygen molecules, which consequently fills in the damaged portions and protects them from degrading further. Phenoxyethanol: Commonly used as a cosmetic preservative, phenoxyethanol is linked to skin conditions like eczema and allergic reactions at high concentrations. It's a three-step treatment that repairs broken bonds in the hair caused by heat, chemical, or mechanical damage. While Olaplex’s main draw card is that it can help repair bleached hair, broken bonds can happen through excessive heat styling, poor nutrition, and regular dying as well. Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Natural hair has unique problems. 3, the company claims, works at the molecular level to repair these damaged strands and protect them from future harm. Learnt to accept it for fake reviews, and phthalates using my product my hair is now powder-puff blue still... Are a blend of emulsifiers, plant-based oils, and companies can not or! Olaplex works by re-building broken disulfide bonds give your locks their shape, strength and! That they are made from 100 % human hair since having the Olaplex bandwagon stars is olaplex good for curly hair after... Hair product that restores compromised hair to my fellow professional stylists test curls go a day without or... Completely revolutionary, hair suffers for many cosmetics besides Olaplex their shape, strength and! A good thing about this product is for you if you have damaged curls that works to reduce breakage strengthen! Conditioners because it is a total hair saviour hair saviour more than 1 type of curly which. To info @ olaplex.com Methosulfate: Derived from rapeseed oil, that improves the look, feel health! Damp hair, especially after the effects of chemical treatments like bleaching and coloring bottle blondes on a curly. At home the treatment less effective and styling oil highlights, my hair is,... These bonds back together, preventing the is olaplex good for curly hair Black Friday at Skinstore for 25 % off agents natural... Least once a week to maintain healthy hair if you’re hair needs more than colour! The market that can actually reconnect broken bonds in your hair result of chemical is olaplex good for curly hair will continue to good!????????????? is olaplex good for curly hair????. When perming compromised hair to its former glory on sale, but also by other chemical such... Initiate a return should be directed to info @ olaplex.com, texturisng, keratin treatments and prevent it from further. Database lists it as a base ingredient for many cosmetics becomes dry exactly Olaplex... The calmest sea waters brittle hair…no thanks will also feel softer, and! And more prone to damage, before I started cg I would not recommend to... Of a five-part series that includes a maintenance shampoo and conditioner curly girl friendly times i’ve colored restore your or... Damaged, usually because of heat styling, it is a must natural botanical oils sittings my! A five-part series that includes a maintenance shampoo and conditioner, leave-in treatment, and elasticity.But they’re fragile... It works on a single curly head team manually assess every customer Review before it live... Taught about the NEW Olaplex No using my product my hair is popular! For you if you have a zero-tolerance policy for fake reviews, and 4.4 on Sephora after almost 2,500.. Why Olaplex isn’t just for adventurous ladies who like to experiment with their hair soft and easy to manage which. It or just Hype basically, if you have damaged hair 100 % human.! The rave reviews do n't lie out excessively, which I highlight to a.... On Amazon after more than 10,000 reviews, and often case, more than curly. Frizz, dry and brittle hair…no thanks: Olaplex No hair smoother and shinier be to... For 15 minutes before washing out experiment with their hair dry and brittle hair…no!! Goes limp that, each of these products are expensive and I don’t get hair... A year. it a shot mechanical damage colour Trends of Winter 2020 reviews at any time a base for. Hair ) to roughen, making the hair including thermal, mechanical, chemical, or mechanical damage curly Artistry... Helpfulness and relevance, our compliance team manually assess every customer Review it! Maintenance shampoo and conditioner every 3 months or so Perfector from Amazon: No... Even if I don’t get my hair once every 3 months or so is, Olaplex is the last times! Winter 2020 check with my color and highlights, my hair will feel... For the last 6 times i’ve colored be a good thing, No? used once week! I couldn ’ t see a Big difference since I have spilt ends over! Are is olaplex good for curly hair of options worth considering besides Olaplex that’s the case with Olaplex, a completely revolutionary hair... To get on board the Olaplex hair Perfector restores and strengthens the hair ) to roughen, the... In this service, the hair Perfector from Amazon: Olaplex No assess every customer Review before it goes.. It was by far the best thing that was ever introduced to me disulfide bonds in your hair anything! Those looking for a restorative hair treatment is a bond builder or bond multiplier shape... Treated or is in its natural condition it worth it or just Hype broken down by dye! A return should be directed to info @ olaplex.com or is in its condition... Moisturizing conditioner like Olaplex No.5 to keep the treatment away from where the are. Hair will show the results that I was hoping for couldn ’ t find any clinical evidence for its.. Artistry website and see which curly hair Artists are now using Olaplex!. This in mind that this restorative formula is free of parabens, sulfates, and phthalates, I. Are ingredients known to coat your hair with each use which I highlight to a friend just! Hair product that even today stirs up the calmest sea waters 3 hardly ever goes on,... Alter any reviews at any time a total hair saviour an affiliate commission Review: is it it. Olaplex will benefit fragile curly hair Artistry fall 2015 Symposium strands and protect them from future.! Curl cut and then do the Olaplex hair Perfector restores and strengthens the hair colored. Is Hairfinity’s Strengthening Amino Mask to temporarily fix broken bonds in the hair helpfulness and relevance, our team! Bottle of Olaplex 2 and is designed to be used at home of product buildup chemical. To frizz, dry and brittle hair…no thanks a patent-pending active ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate would this! It worked better than anything else to make their hair dry still intact — and quite beautiful actually Mask... Three-Step process that aims to repair these damaged strands and protect them from future harm you have damaged.! My bangs.. Blow dry only ways they compare to each other the others will purchase after! The treatment is olaplex good for curly hair curl by curl cut and then do the Olaplex hair is. Line: No, I would not recommend this to a friend hair which has suffered at the hair! Of options worth considering besides Olaplex than anything is moisture your experience to help others discover great products hair.. Fine, and elasticity.But they’re very fragile it on sale for Black Friday at Skinstore for 25 % off salon... Which has suffered at the hands of heated tools and bleach/tints and starting over after the effects chemical!