Violent crackdowns have become characteristic of the JOH regime. “Another, my arms. Nancy Pelosi visited Honduras on an August 10 state visit, making statements about governance whose perfunctory mildness—“You cannot have security unless you end corruption,” she said—wildly understated the enormity of the accusations against Hernández. Jared Olson is a Pulitzer Center grantee, writer and freelance journalist whose work focuses on the struggle for justice in Central America. “They were able to escape and run,” she said. Libre (Guatemala), a defunct progressive political party; Libre (Honduras) or Liberty and Refoundation, a left-wing political party; Libre (word) French frigate Libre; Libre (publisher), a Japanese publisher The Liberal Party, the National Party, and the Liberty and Refoundation (Libre) Party will take part in the primary elections in which the people will choose 3,038 public positions. Libre is the short form of Libertad y Refundación, the official name of the new political party in Honduras representing the Frente Nacional de Resistencia Popular (FNRP). For people like Laínez, JOH’s fraudulent 2017 reelection stung particularly deep, not only because a democratic opening was lost, but because it was the latest in a succession of similarly corrupted elections. Click here to show your support. NACLA relies on our supporters to continue our important work. As of August 30, no further progress had yet been made. “It’s divided between different sectors,” Zelaya said of the opposition to Hernández. “[But] we’re all united in that we want the regime to leave. Even so, he’s well aware of the potentially bloody price they’ll have to pay should they fail in that endeavor. For many Hondurans, the boiling point after ten years of “narco-dictatorship” came with Hernández’s latest proposal for privatizations. Discover (and save!) 1,826 veces visto. “But the people don’t believe that,” he said. Health workers took to the streets alongside teachers to protest the proposal, where they were joined by a broad range of students and environmental, LGBTQ+, and Indigenous rights activists. Two weeks before the official call for elections in Honduras, the Libre Party went to the electoral court to demand a reform in the electoral law and voice their opinion against the reelection intentions of current President Juan Hernandez. The CNE scheduled the elections for March 4, 2021, under the current electoral law, which is considered illegal by Honduras' opposition parties. That day, a 44-page document from a U.S. district court seemed to confirm what Hondurans had known intuitively for years: Juan Orlando Hernández had colluded with cartels to illegally secure the 2013 presidential election. On June 21, President Hernández dispatched the military throughout the country to crack down on protests. The latest blow came in November and December 2017, when JOH’S conservative Partido Nacionál (National Party) was widely suspected of stealing an election they’d already lost. But principally, our objective is to take power through the path of peaceful elections.”. SOUTH FL. your own Pins on Pinterest Criminal groups with suspected ties to the JOH administration assassinated his brother in 2013 after the electoral fraud took place. In late April, Hernández announced a sweeping plan to privatize Honduras’s public health and education systems, while the government simultaneously agreed to a $311 million loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Your email has been successfully registered. The Liberal Party, the National Party, and the Liberty and Refoundation (Libre) Party will take part in the primary elections in which the people will choose 3,038 public positions. The LIBRE party was formed after the coup by members of La Resistencia and has the second-largest representation in Congress. Watch Honduras: LIBRE Party questions Supreme Court of Justice's decision - byojwapa on Dailymotion We’re telling the regime to get out. Like this article? Copyright NACLA 2019 That way we can define who may go to the polls to elect a new government," he said and explained that updating an electoral roll takes time. Fuera JOH. When she was finally able to escape after a senior officer forced the other four to let her go, Melgar got away and hid in a nearby house, where she watched as several hidden patrols of police ambushed a crowd of students as they fled from the initial demonstration, opening fire on them. Donald Trump Starves Venezuela, Cuba to Win Votes in Flor... Honduras: International Org Denounced Human Rights Violations, Honduras: Drivers Go on Strike Over COVID-19 Pandemic Damages, Honduras Needs a New Health Model, Castellanos Says, Honduras: WOLA Joins Garifuna People’s Claims. For Argeñal, those doubts don’t come from nowhere. “It was a day you couldn’t forget,” said Dorian Alvarez, a sociology student and activist at the UNAH. And many worry as protesters have faced increasingly bloody crackdowns with the creation of special military police units, such as the notorious Policía Militar del Órden Público (Military Police for Public Order, PMOP) in 2013, which was accused of killing protesters in 2017 and 2018. With the right resurgent throughout the hemisphere—from Brazil to Colombia, Argentina to the United States—NACLA's research and analysis is more important than ever. “Ever since 2009, when they got rid of me,” Zelaya said, “an authoritarian military regime was installed that centralized power, sacked the [government’s] institutions and indebted the country to remain in power. Many Hondurans view the United States as untrustworthy and aligned with the National Party; the American reaction to the 2009 coup was muted. The first major step towards completing a substantial electoral reform, after eight months of deliberations, was completed. "To call for elections, we must first guarantee transparency and security. The place is haunted by a revolutionary past: only 10 yards from El Salvador, older residents remember when Salvadoran guerrillas used to pass through the village in the 1980s, ingratiating a mythology of armed struggle into the community. The corruption is well-organized. He has been involved in anti-government protests in the 10 years since the coup. C. Comisión especial rechaza el fraudulento sistema de transmisión resultados TSE. Manuel Zelaya, Honduras’s ousted ex-President, eased into the couch in the headquarters for his LIBRE party and laid out the opposition’s mounting insurrection. Honduras traditionally would have been characterized as a two-party system with an average Effective Number of Parties (ENP) of 2.1 during the period 1957-1993. Salvador Nasrallah, the 2017 candidate for the opposition coalition between LIBRE and other smaller forces, also ran against in 2013 and alleged at the time JOH’s win was illegitimate. The opposition in Honduras is largely led by the leftist Libre Party, headed by former President Manuel Zelaya, who was ousted in the 2009 coup, overseen by then US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. The violent crackdowns on protest weren’t limited to Tegucigalpa. S. SÚMATE CON EL CORAZÓN. Cárdona believes that the attempted privatizations came after years of deliberately underfunding hospitals and schools in order to sell the idea that they’d function better if only they were turned into profit machines. It’s also in the National Congress, through a proposed “electoral reform” designed to fix a democracy many believe has been corrupted beyond repair. It has more idealistic left-wing liberals such as Carlos Eduardo Reina and Eduardo Enrique Reina. Jodie Evans, Get our newsletter delivered directly to your inbox. Libre’s candidate for Honduras’ top office will be Zelaya’s wife Xiomara Castro, who ran as the party’s inaugural candidate in the 2013 election against Hernandez. The party will be known by its initials, PLR. Now, Salvadoran gangmembers from MS-13—who began crossing the border in 2016 to escape their own government—have occupied several empty houses, killing three villagers in 2018, according to Laínez. “To participate in an electoral system without transparency is to certify the dictatorship,” said Argeñal of the need for electoral reform. “LIBRE party (Libertad y Refundacion Party) pre-candidates, candidates, their families and campaign leaders have suffered more killings and armed attacks than all other political parties combined. “I’m one of the few people from my village who was able to go to the university, but none of us would be able to come if the public university were privatized.”, “Our role now,” said Alvarez, “is to protect the university from the claw of the neoliberal system trying to eat it up.”. “To be able to study is extremely costly,” she said. Not even the Congress in which we work. ", #Honduras | Transport workers started an indefinite strike to demand solutions to the multiple damages the sector is suffering amid the #COVID19 pandemic �� Please support our work! Latin American Perspectives is a theoretical and scholarly journal for discussion and debate on the political economy of capitalism, imperialism, and socialism in the Americas. No longer could the graffiti scrawled throughout countless Tegucigalpa slums—Fuera, Narco-dictador! We want the regime out. Ten years after coup, Hondurans flee amid violence and repression. The party is the home of extreme leftists such as Juan Barahona, Rafael Alegría, and Carlos Reyes. “Any form of struggle, for us, is good as long as it doesn’t entail violence,” he said. Media analyst John McEvoy wrote how, because their government is a client regime carrying out neoliberal policies favorable to U.S. companies, Honduran victims are seen as “unworthy victims” in the eyes of mainstream media, as compared to victims of regimes that don’t heel to U.S. interests, such as those in Venezuela. LIBRE has been advocating electoral reform since before the 2017 vote, and European Union election observers have also stressed the need for reforms. Another had a teargas canister. Opposition leaders like Zelaya have also faced criticisms for being mere manipulators of electoral politics rather than consistent fighters for social justice. Last week, a new law was supposed to be passed by the Congress, but the document has not gathered the number of votes needed for its approval due to political forces' lack of agreement. Honduras: Protests Demand Return of Disappeared Garifuna. More repression.”. Teachers, meanwhile, have long been on the front lines of post-coup resistance, holding the line against creeping privatization. Sign up for our NACLA Update for announcements, events, the latest articles, and more! The electoral reform consists of the creation of two main bodies, the Tribunal Electoral Justice and the National Electoral Council. Backers of the reform say the opposition Libre party is stoking opposition to the law for political purposes. Jul 5, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Stamp Design. Even so, one thing unites the opposition: The country can no longer wait for the 2020 election to get rid of the president. Honduras at a Glance Leadership President: Juan Orlando Hernández (National Party) President of the Honduran National Congress: Mauricio Oliva (National Party) President of the Supreme Court: Rolando Argueta Attorney General: Óscar Chinchilla Geography Area: 43,243 square miles (slightly larger than … If fixing Honduran democracy through electoral reform seemed useful after this summer’s protests, it became imperative—or, depending on who you ask, even more futile—after a damning report was released on August 3. On June 24, the military invaded the UNAH and opened fire on students, injuring eight. The regime only represents the interests of transnational corporations. Honduras: Background and U.S. Relations Congressional Research Service 2 Figure 1. Sensing that teargas would soon be fired at at the protest ahead of her, Melgar stayed back—only to be captured and beaten by four police officers. teleSUR/SM, by “The electoral reform is an instrument for elections,” Zelaya said. “One took me by the hair,” she said. Anabell Melgar, a student activist and member of Frente Nacional de Juventudes en Resistencia (National Front of Youth in Resistance), had been approaching a protest on the afternoon of June 12 in La Esperanza, Intibucá, the mountainous western city where Berta Cáceres, the world-renowned environmentalist, was assassinated. Press coverage was capped with an article in Foreign Policy, which proclaimed that even JOH’s unlikely ouster or extradition wouldn’t change the entrenched problems exacerbated by the violent, post-coup decade. Manuel Zelaya Rosales submitted 80,000 signatures from Honduran citizens supporting the founding of this political party. “But the five patrols caught them afterwards. The opposition parties consider that a new electoral law is required to hold the next elections. November 22, 2011 Red Morazánica de Información News Briefs 0. The Libre Party argued for agrarian reform, rallying campesino groups to support its platforms. On Nov. 24 Honduras will hold a presidential election that could usher in a new era. Chief of state, president, political parties in Honduras given. "We need to detect that there are no deceased persons registered to vote or duplicate identity cards. The creation of such special forces—including the U.S.-trained, SWAT-style TIGRES in 2013—exacerbates the human rights situation in a country where the military has patrolled the streets for years and has been accused of death squad activity against anti-government protestors. Partido Libre, Tegucigalpa. “There were completely innocent people who had nothing to do with what was going on outside.”, For poor students such as García, the privatizations would all but preclude them from being able to study. Human rights leader Jose Carlos Cárdona believes that, should nothing change, Honduras is on the precipice of a catastrophe unlike any the country has yet experienced. 4W, NEW YORK, NY 10012 | TEL: (212) 992-6965. Debes completar todos los campos obligatorios para poder continuar. Student protests in the name of defending public education against creeping fees and undemocratic university decision-making processes have been bubbling at UNAH for years. It’s the military in the streets. Since the coup, a junta of right-wing, billionaire drug traffickers has slipped into political power—including President Juan Orlando Hernández, who U.S. prosecutors recently accused of complicity in a drug money scheme to illegally fund his 2013 presidential campaign. NACLA is launching a summer fundraising campaign. But he has his doubts about such reform efforts in the first place: He believes that as long as they work within the existing system, they’re still assenting to a regime that has rigged the democracy to its own advantage. And as long as [Hernández] serves them, the United States is going to continue supporting him, regardless of the accusations.”. He set it off, and put it against my face. Protests soon turned ugly. We’re all united in that 100 percent.”, “We can’t call it a dictatorship per se,” said a UNAH student, who asked to remain anonymous for safety reasons, of JOH’s legacy. Laínez explained the proposal one evening in Santa Ana, Lainez’s rural home village in the state of Intibucá, watching the moon rise over the nearby mountains of El Salvador. During the 2013 election, which many in Honduras believe Mr. Hernández and his party similarly stole from Libre candidate Xiomara Castro (Mr. Zelaya’s wife), at … Hernández himself visited the Organization of American States in Washington D.C., where he discussed “good practices and technical support in the fight against illegal drug trafficking.”, For Zelaya, any chance of ousting Hernández depends on the fractured opposition’s ability to develop organizational skills greater than those of Hernández’s ruling National Party. “The truth is that no state institution is functioning as it should—none. There were several confrontations between the police and students in which the police broke inside. But the battle LIBRE waged this summer wasn’t only in the streets. “But we can call it an authoritarian government…You can see how this is all boiling to a tipping point—how Juan Orlando created a military police; how he’s giving unprecedented power to the military.”, After a few days, the flurry of international press coverage the revelations died off. He can be reached at or at (Get out, Narco-dictator! LIBRE INAUGURA INSTITUTO DE FORMACIÓN POLITICA IDEOLÓGICA. We just need a little flame. 6,900 veces visto. This demonstration was followed by similar events across the country. Honduras - Political Parties. Which brings us to the next four years. In November Xiomara Castro de Zelaya — Mel Zelaya’s spouse — lost a close election for president of Honduras. Rage accumulated over years of frustration with Hernández’s governance transformed the anger over privatization plans into an all-out demand for the president’s resignation. Zelaya and LIBRE compose only one part of a wide-ranging, fractured opposition movement though. That opposition remains divided over their post-JOH vision for the country. Honduras: Protests Demand Return of Disappeared Garifuna. “Any form of struggle. It has conservative liberals such as Manuel Zelaya and his wife Xiomara and his brother Carlos. “So all of the doctors declared themselves to be in rebellion against the government.”. Its people are so impoverished that nearly half have left to the U.S. Potholes scar the road so deeply they’re nearly impassable. They shot at them with live ammunition.”. The protests came just years after a $300 million corruption scandal in the dilapidated public health system took thousands to the streets for weeks in 2015 to demand JOH’s resignation. As recently as this spring, political strategists in Honduras were writing about his chances of leading a three-party alliance in the presidential race. “We’re conscious that if there aren’t electoral reforms, that if the electoral system isn’t cleaned up,” he said, “the next elections will come, and there will be a crisis even uglier than the one we had in 2017. The summer’s second major wave of protests overtook the streets following the revelations, demanding once more that the president resign. With elections around the corner and a playing field tilted against them, it is time for LIBRE, the PL, and Nasralla to leave their differences behind and offer voters a unified platform. He is also the youngest member of Honduras’s National Congress, and speaks glowingly of the electoral reform. “And because the [current] regime refuses to do it, we’re going on in an insurrection, which is a peaceful but active protest, in the streets and the Congress.”. “Military policemen are ex-members of the national army. ¡Resistimos y Venceremos! Donate now. This summer marked 10 years since Zelaya was overthrown in a U.S.-backed military coup. M anuel Zelaya, Honduras’s ousted ex-President, eased into the couch in the headquarters for his LIBRE party and laid out the opposition’s mounting insurrection. But Hondurans are well aware of the implications of failing to oust Hernández. Night after night, massive crowds of protesters burned tires throughout Tegucigalpa, shouting Fuera JOH! During the primary elections, the use of digital fingerprinting at the time of voting could be implemented "to avoid controversy," the CNE president assured. More deaths. El Partido Libertad y Refundación (Libre) fue creado como brazo político del FNRP el 26 de junio del 2011. At least 33 were killed by security forces in protests in the weeks of violence following the December 2017 electoral fraud. #OnThisDay | Environmental activist #BertaCaceres was murdered four years ago in #Honduras.#BertaVive, Sign In or Register to leave a comment, use the forums and more, I have already subscribed | Do not show this message again. The post-coup regime’s neglect of rural areas is palpable in Santa Ana. One of the most common refrains from members of the Tea Party movement in the United States is "take back America." (Get out JOH), and drawing the ire of security forces, who responded by raining down barrages of teargas on them—or occasionally, live bullets. Honduras traditionally had a two-party system, dominated by the Liberal Party of Honduras and the National Party of Honduras . The bills have the backing of conservative President Juan Orlando Hernández. The narcotraffickers are well-organized.”. Laínez is one of LIBRE’s two diputados for the Intibucá department—the other is Bertha Zúñiga Cáceres, daughter of the murdered environmentalist. Reporting in Honduras was supported by a grant from the Pulitzer Center. It’s a highly militarized society.”. She protested against the right-wing government that took over Honduras after it ousted Zelaya and helped form the leftist Liberty and Refoundation party, known as Libre, before she was assassinated. The president admitted millions in embezzled funds benefited his 2013 electoral campaign. For many members of the opposition, the hope for a democratic defeat of JOH is juxtaposed with the cynicism the last 10 years have corrupted Honduran democracy beyond the point of repair. “The elites are well-organized. But that faith seems overwhelmed by bitterness over the depth of government corruption. We’re going to collapse at any time. on the front lines of post-coup resistance, youngest member of Honduras’s National Congress, Feb. 4: Ecosocialismo: Envisioning Latin America’s Green New Deal (Virtual Event). Support our work. And on August 15, 124 out of the 128 seats in the National Congress voted for the “Special Law for the Selection and Appointment of Electoral Authorities and Attributions,” which would stipulate the election of 44 representatives from each party to monitor election processes in 2020. 112K likes. They need to realize that, individually, each party is a weak counterweight to the PN.