Silverback Gorilla with a PSI of 1300: Though their teeth are big they are not that sharp, but what makes their bite powerful is their jaw muscles and the strong neck.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'tailandfur_com-box-4','ezslot_5',144,'0','0'])); If you have seen the movie Congo, you can only imagine the kind of pain that a bite from such a creature would cause. The alligator snapping turtle (Macrochelys temminckii) is a species of turtle in the family Chelydridae.The species is native to freshwater habitats in the United States. However, this turtle can crash a whole pineapple in a split second or bite off a human finger with their sharp break. Not true. The first thing that is important to know about the force of the bite is that it’s relative to the size of the turtle. The Bite of a Snapping Turtle. Myth: Tasmanian Devil, strongest PSI bite force in an animal? report. Now let’s see how dangerous a snapping turtle bite really is. If you’re bitten by one of these it has the potential to break bone! Has a bite force of 1001 psi which is the 11th highest in the animal kingdom . 9. The original and, therefore, unapproachable appearance stirs a strange fascination, which is better not to undergo – the alligator snapping turtle is a predator that can easily bite off a human finger with its strong jaws. Bite force was measured using a low level force transducer (±500 N Kistler FSH 9203, Amherst, NY, USA) for turtles younger than 2.5 years. By: Rover8 (1841.30) Tags: Alligator snapping turtle, bite force. If compared, while humans make use of an average bite force that ranges from 120-140 PSI, the Nike crocodile's bite force is 5,000 PSI. Photo by Garry Tucker, USFWS. Actually, no. is it bcos hippos are heavier? To lure their prey, they count with a fleshy appendage in the mouth that resembles a worm. M. temminckii is one of the heaviest freshwater turtles in the world. They also rank in the second position among the carnivore mammals. In 2005, Dr. Brady Barr of the National Geographic performed… The gorilla is one of the most endangered animals around the world but it still can cause a lot of pain not to mention fear when you face one. I've read articles claiming a bite force of like 40000 lbs. And Tyranosaurus Rex? We measured in vivo bite forces using isometric Kistler force transducers (types 9203, range ±500 N and 9311B, range ±5000 N; Kistler Inc., Winterthur, Switzerland), mounted on purpose‐built holders and connected to a Kistler charge amplifier (type 5058A5, Kistler Inc.). It may be tempting to rescue a snapping turtle found on a road by getting it to bite a stick and then dragging it out of immediate danger. Alligator snapping turtle. The title says “20 Most Strongest Bites in the World In Terms of PSI”. The alligator snapping turtle has a bite force around 1200 pounds per square inch after seeing what it did to the turkey leg. Biting causes the upper plate to pivot around the fulcrum, and thus pull is exerted on the transducer. The tiger is one of the wilder species of cats that not only hunts when it is hungry but because it feels threatened. They’re around 20 pounds in weight and their PSI is 200. There are many interesting facts about polar bears that will give you a better insight into what makes them good hunters and why their bites are so painful. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. That is why we need to appreciate the bravery of all those people who are into fabulous tiger photography. (one thousand pounds) Presenting her thoughts and facts in bewildering and astonishing way is her cup of tea. They have a bite of 1,230 psi. If compared, while humans make use of an average bite force that ranges from 120-140 PSI, the Nike crocodile’s bite force is 5,000 PSI. unprotected Sorry guys, you only grow one set of fingers just always remember that, however, so I could still go through with this little experimental challenge. Much like how the jaguar got stronger jaws to deal with turtle shells, tyrannosaurus rex evolved a ridiculous bite force because it was stuck hunting the toughest herbivores this planet has ever produced, such as ankylosaurus and triceratops. is a property of Mandatory Media, LLC, monitoring_string = "5200e30beed193e5fe31f8bccc2bdcbf". This action can, however, severely scrape the legs and underside of the turtle and lead to deadly infections in the wounds. Besides it's relatives ofcourse, which would also have insanely strong jaws. The common snapping turtle has an average bite force of 200 newtons and 160 newtons for the alligator snapping turtle. the snapping turtle is wrong. The sad fact is that this animal is counted among the most endangered animals around the world.